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Flora Fairy Wig

Flora Fairy Wig
Sells for $15.95

Dive 265 Wig

Diva 265 Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Ecstasy 267 Wig

Ecstasy 267 Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Frenzy 268 Wig

Frenzy 268 Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Goddess 266 Wig

Goddess 266 Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Fancy Bargain Curly

Fancy Bargain Curly Wig:
Sells for $29.95

Long curly wig. Very economic.


Plabo Wig:
Sells for $49.95.

Thick and curly with about 30 inches in length.

30" Bargain Wig

30" Bargain Wig:
Sells for 23.95.

30 inches long in a thick and kinky style.


B304A Wig:
Sells for $23.95.

30 inch, better quality, straight, thick wig with skin scalp.


1448 Wig:
Sells for $59.95.

Over 40 inches long without bangs. Very full wig with a skin front.

Rental Quality Mermaid

Rental Quality Mermaid Wig: $49.95.

Popular full, long wig with skin top.



340 Wig:
Sells for $59.95.

36 inches long and very thick with a skin top.


1417 Wig:
Sells for $49.95.

Luxurious one-length long pageboy with a skin top and no bangs.

Esmeralda Finest Quality

Esmeralda Finest Quality Wig:
Sells for $49.95.

Long, wavy wig.

AT 951

AT 951 Wig:
Sells for $19.95.

Long and wavy makes a nice beast or Heavy Metal style.



Farrah Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Long 70's feathered style with a skin top.

Barbarian Warrior

Long Pageboy Wig:
Sells for $29.95.


International Beauty

International Beauty Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Sleek, straight wig with layered sides. Available in blonde, black or natural blonde.

Sultry, Deluxe

Sultry, Deluxe Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Long, thick and very wavy.


Juliet Wig
Regularly: $29.95.

Straight, blonde wig with very long ponytail.

Glamour Long Neon Wig

Glamour Long Neon Wig:
Sells for $13.95.

Thick, straight and bright.

Sunburst Wig

Sunburst Wig:
Sells for $15.95.

Long, straight wig that fades from brown to red to blonde.

Unisex Long Rocker Wig

Unisex Long Rocker Wig:
Sells for $19.95.

Punk-topped long wig. Available in Black or Mixed Blonde

Braided Rapunzel

Braided Rapunzel Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Long braided wig.

Burgundy Double Cone

Burgundy Double Cone Wig:
Sells for $49.95.

Long burgundy style with horns.

Mesmerelda Black Wig

Mesmerelda Black Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Mesmerelda Blonde Wig

Mesmerelda Blonde Wig:
Sells for $16.95.


Paula Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Angle-cut wig in Dark Auburn.

Twin B Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Colorful rainbow blended wig with braids on each side.

Bargain Curly Godiva

Bargain Curly Godiva Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

So many curls for such a low price! This beautiful wig is no fairytale, but comes only in blonde.


Dolly Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Traditional Banana-Curl style with long top hairs and a skin top.

Kizz Wig

Kizz Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Long, wavy, Black wig with a tail on the top.

Wig Cap

Wig Cap:
Sells for $2.95.

Available in Black, Dark Brown (pictured) and White.

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