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See our selection of wigs, beards, and facial hair that is available for sale online at

Eight Is Too Much Wig

Eight Is Too Much Wig:
Sells for $14.95.

Watchmen - Silk Spectre Wig

Watchmen - Silk Spectre Wig:
Sells for $32.95.

World's Greatest Pop Star Wig

World's Greatest Pop Star Wig:
Sells for $15.95.

Spock Wig

Spock Wig:
Sells for $14.95.

Sweeney Todd Wig

Click HERE for Sweeney Todd Costume.

Sweeney Todd Wig:
Sells for $19.95.

Character inspired Men's Black wig with signature white streak. This is an officially licensed Sweeney Todd Product.

First Lady Wig

First Lady Wig:
Sells for $13.95.

Short black curled wig.

Semi-Pro Jackie Moon Wig

Click HERE for Jackie Moon Costume.

Semi-Pro Jackie Moon Wig:
Sells for $19.95.

Complete your Jackie Moon costume w/ this licensed red Jackie wig.

Love Guru Wig and Beard Set

Click HERE for Love Guru Costume.

Love Guru Wig and Beard Set
Regularly: $27.95

Complete your Love Guru costume with this licensed Brown Wig, Moustache and Beard.

BeetleJuice Wig

Click HERE for BeetleJuice Costume.

BeetleJuice Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Frizzy wig with latex forhead (NOTE: Forhead is Flesh color, make-up need to complete the look). This is an officially licensed BeetleJuice Product.

Rehab Wig

Rehab Wig:
Sells for $24.95.

Black Long haired wig with a tall behive.

Hannah Montana Wig

Hannah Montana Wig

Child's long blonde Hannah Montana wig w/ bangs. This is an officially licensed Hannah Montana™, © Disney product.

Regularly: $9.95.

The Joker Adult Wig

The Joker Adult Wig:

Green and brown wavy Licensed Joker Wig. From the The Dark Night Batman Movie (NOTE: Wig Only).

Sells for $19.95.

Disc Jockey Wig

Deluxe Elvira Wig:
Sells for $28.95.

Long black high-styled locks. This is an officially licensed Elvira Mistress of the Dark wig.

Betty Boop Black Wig

Betty Boop Black Wig:
Licensed black short spit curl Betty Boop Wig.

Sells for $16.95.

Mr. Hammer Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Latex Bald Cap with Attached Mohawk and Sideburns.


The "Billionaire" Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Men's burnt orange wig with a Flipped up in front.

Athenian Goddess Brown Wig

Athenian Goddess Brown Wig:
Sells for $26.95.

Features a brown updo wig w/ long curls.

Athenian Goddess Blonde Wig

Athenian Goddess Blonde Wig:
Sells for $26.95.

Features a blonde updo wig w/ long curls.

Vampire Heapiece

Vampire Headpiece
Sells for $14.95.

Cigar Comic Wig

Cigar Comic Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Black eyebrows, mustache and wig with a skin part.

Napoleon Dynamite Wig & Glasses

Napoleon Dynamite Wig & Glasses:
Sells for $16.95

Material Girlie Wig:

Material Girlie Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Blonde curly medium length wig with bangs and attached black headband with bow.

Bride Wig

Bride Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Movie classic, 8" high black wig with white lightning streaks on each side.

Monster Bride Wig

Monster Bride Wig:
Sells for $23.95.

A classic Halloween look for any monster's bride.

Cleopatra Wig

Cleo, Queen of the Nile Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Medium length, braided wig with bangs.

Cleopatra Black Wig

Black Cleopatra Wig:
Sells for $19.95.

Medium length, straight, black wig with bangs.

Annie Wig

Annie Wig:
Sells for $32.95.

Classic short, tight, wet, curly style wig.

Discount Annie Wig

Discount Annie Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

A more economic version of this classic style.

Farm Girl Wig

Farm Girl Wig:
Sells for $19.95.

Wavy style with pigtails.

Kizz Wig

Kizz Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Long, wavy, Black wig with a tail on the top.

Beauty Wig

Beauty Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Nice movie version. Also good for historical style.

New Curly Lion Set

New Curly Lion Set:
Sells for $49.95.

Wig and mane with ears in a brownish lion color.

Sci Fi Princess Deluxe Wig


Sci Fi Princess Deluxe Wig
Sells for $49.95.

Braided wig with center part.

Silent Comic Wig

Silent Comic Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Blonde and curly all over.

Dutch Girl Heidi Wig

Dutch Girl Heidi Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Fine skin top. Blonde wig with two foot-long braids..

Dutch Girl Wig Dutch Girl Wig:
Sells for $19.95.

Nice blonde braid wig.

Warrior w/Ponytail Blond Wig

Warrior w/ Ponytail Blond Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Straight blond style with ponytail.

Dolly 1997 Wig

Dolly 1997 Wig:
Sells for $49.95.

Medium length, styled up, wavy wig.


Black and White Wig


Black and White Wig
Sells for $29.95.

Half black, half white.

Cartoon Mom Wig

Cartoon Mom Wig:
Sells for $23.95.

Blue curly wig.

Wolfrene Wig

Wolfrene Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Short super hero style.

Schrinch Girl Wig

Schrinch Girl Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Braided style with wire braids.

Jester Headpiece

Jester Headpiece w/ Hair:
Sells for $39.95.

Jester hat with attached rainbow color hair.

Wizard of Oz - Deluxe Dorothy Wig

Wizard of Oz - Deluxe Dorothy Wig:
Sells for $32.95.

Dorothy wig complete w/ braids, curls and bows.

Edward Scissorhands Wig

Edward Scissorhands Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Licensed Rocky Balboa Wig

Licensed Rocky Balboa Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Complete your Rocky Balboa costume w/ this licensed black Rocky wig.

Braided Red Wig w/ Wire

Braided Red Wig w/ Wire
Sells for $21.95.

Red Wig w/ wire and blue bow accents.

Old Fashion Yarn Wig

Old Fashion Yarn Wig
Regularly: $15.95.

Yarn wig w/ long pigtails.

Disc Jockey Wig

Disc Jockey Wig:
Sells for $14.95.

Long black curly wig w/ part down the middle. (NOTE: Glasses NOT Included).

Oz Mom Wig

Oz Mom Wig:
Sells for $21.95.

Popular pretty style in Burgundy.

Snow Fright Wig

Snow Fright Wig:
Sells for $19.95.

Wig Cap

Wig Cap:
Sells for $2.95.

Available in Black, Dark Brown (pictured) and White.

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