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See our selection of wigs, beards, and facial hair that is available for sale online at

1 Point

1 Point Beard / Goatee:
Sells for 29.95.

3 Point

3 Point Beard / Goatee:
Sells for 29.95.

5 Point

5 Point Beard / Goatee:
Sells for $29.95.
Full-Faced Beard

Full-Faced Beard:
Sells for $39.95.

Textured, wavy hair.


Sells for $24.95.

Kinky 3 point Goatee made from textured, wavy hair.

10" Long Full-Face Beard

10" Long Full-Face Beard:
Sells for $49.95.

Pointed Goatee

Pointed Goatee:
Sells for $29.95.

This Goatee is 9 inches long.

16" Full Face Beard

16" Full Face Beard:
Sells for $69.95.

Full Beard

Full Beard:
Sells for $39.95.

Spirit Gum with Spirit Gum Remover

Spirit Gum with Spirit Gum Remover:
(Brand and packaging may vary.)
Sells for $8.95

Double Sided Toupee Tape 6 Strips

Double Sided Toupee Tape 6 Strips.

Sells for $2.95 CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW!


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