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Note: All of the items on this site are considered to be a Special Order and MAY NOT BE RETURNED OR EXCHANGED because of sanitary and hygiene restrictions. Also; Special Orders, when combined with other items, can only be shipped by our "Standard Shipping Method (7-10 Business Days)". You CANNOT choose Next Day, Second Day, or Third Day shipping. YOU MUST CHOOSE STANDARD SHIPPING. However; these items can be ordered separately or by themselves using all of our shipping methods.

Pocahontas with Braid 2

Pocahontas Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Straight Indian with braids, a center part, and headband.

Indian 3

Native American Indian Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Straight Indian with braids and a center part.

Better Geisha 4

Better Geisha Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Important Oriental style with a puffed-out look on all sides.

Geisha LFA 5

Geisha LFA Wig:
Sells for $89.95.

New elaborate style. Very fancy.


Samurai Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Short straight style with bald front and pigtail.

Deluxe Japanese Women 7

Deluxe Japanese Woman Wig:
Sells for $49.95

Great quality for this classic look.

Asian Warrior 8

Asian Warrior Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Very long ponytail wig in traditional warrior style.

Fan Wig

Fan Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Fan shaped hair style.

Bargain Fancy Geisha Girl

Bargain Fancy Geisha Girl Wig:
Sells for $29.95

Oriental style with detail.

Super Black Fro Wig

Super Black Fro Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Huge black bushy wig.


Fan Wig

Supa' Afro Wig:
Sells for $12.95.

Classic Blsck 70's style Afro wig. To achieve ultimate fullness, back comb starting at the base and moving toward the end. Set with hairspray..

Deluxe Foxxy Ash Blonde Afro 9

Deluxe Foxxy Afro Wig:
Sells for


Pulled Out Afro

Pulled Out Afro Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Short Afro

Short Afro Wig:
Sells for $19.95

Deluxe Afro  11

Deluxe Afro Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Classic 70's style wig. Very puffy.

Discount Super Jumbo Afro 12

Discount Super Jumbo Afro Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Humungous-sized afro. Large amounts of hair on all sides.

Beaded Cleo 15

Beaded Cleo Wig:
Sells for $49.95.

Popular braided wig with gold beads.

Foxxy Cleopatra 16

Foxxy Cleopatra Wig:
Sells for $19.95

Licensed version from Austin Powers' Movies.

Milly Vin Dreadlock 13

Milly Vin Dreadlocks Wig:
Sells for $49.95.

Long braided dreadlocks style wig.

Dreadlock-AT2235B 14

Dreadlock Wig -AT2235B:
Sells for $19.95.

Good economic dreadlocks wig. Dreds look like short cables.

Mr. Hammer Wig

Mr. Hammer Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Latex Bald Cap with Attached Mohawk and Sideburns.

Bargain Dread Hat

Bargain Dread Wig & Hat:
Sells for $19.95.

Hat with attached dreadlocks..

Rock Star Dreads

Rock Star Dreads Wig:
Sells for $19.95.

Dreadlocks wig with colorful rubber bands.

Voodoo Dread Wig

Voodoo Dread Wig:
Sells for $29.95.

Voodoo dreads wig w/ long black dreadlocks w/ bead & feather accents. Unisex Wig.

Wig Cap

Wig Cap:
Sells for $2.95.

Available in Black, Dark Brown (pictured) and White.

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