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17th and 18th Century Style Wigs
For Men and Women

See our selection of wigs, beards, and facial hair that is available for sale online at AnniesCostumes.com


Sells for $49.95

Circa-1730's unisex style with long fancy curls and a skin part.

French King

French King:
Sells for $49.95.

Medium length with loose curls. Perfect for royalty.

New Bargain Barrister

New Bargain Barrister:
Sells for $29.95.

Short curly top and braids in the back.


Sells for $59.95.

Perfect for English court scenes or an alternative Colonial Style.

Man's Economy Colonial Wig

Man's Economy Colonial Wig:
Sells for $15.95.

Platinum white men's early American style wig w/ a ponytail in back.

Woman's Economy Colonial Wig

Woman's Economy Colonial Wig:
Sells for $16.95.

Platinum white women's early American style wig w/ a ponytail in back.

Men's Del. Colonial

Men's Del. Colonial:
Sells for $35.95.

Popular style of the time period with curled tails in the back.

Colonial Man

Colonial Man:
Sells for $59.95.

Powdered wig with two curls on each side and a pigtail in the back.


Sells for $49.95.

Tight curled wig, also good for judges.


Sells for $69.95.

Three sectione wig with each row of curls sewn on.


Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin:
Sells for $39.95.

Bald cloth front with long hair in the back.


White Colonial Woman's Wig

White Colonial Woman's Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Marie Antoinette Deluxe

Marie Antoinette Deluxe:
Sells for $69.95

Tall, tight curlled wig with big curls on both sides.

Madame De Pompadour

Madame De Pompadour:
Sells for $89.95.

Tall wig with straight hair and large curls sewn at bottom and sides.

Bargain Marie Antoinette

Bargain Marie Antoinette:
Sells for $59.95.

Tall wavy wig with large curls.

Colonial Lady

Colonial Lady:
Sells for $59.95.

Powdered wig with a tail and wavy upswept top.

Bargain Colonial Lady

Bargain Colonial Lady:
Sells for $29.95.

A more economic version of theis classic colonial style.

Colonial Party Lady

Colonial Party Lady:
Sells for $29.95.

Curly colonial style wig.

Colonial Womans Wig

Colonial Womans Wig:
Sells for

Colonial style wig.

French Noblewoman Wig

Noblewoman Wig:
Sells for $49.95.

Tall, tight curlled wig with big curls on both sides and dangling pearls.

Deluxe Elisabeth

Deluxe Elisabeth Wig:
Sells for $39.95.

Curly style with pearls in front.

Tower Colonial Lady

Tower Colonial Lady
Sells for $ 59.95.

Elegant colonial wig.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette Wig:
Sells for $49.95.

Tall, tight curlled wig with big curls on both sides.

Wig Cap

Wig Cap:
Sells for $2.95.

Available in Black, Dark Brown (pictured) and White.

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